How can I maintain my NUCCA correction?

After your first correction we will provide you with a list of suggestions for maintaining your spinal correction and a list of changes that you may feel after an adjustment. Here are a few suggestions that will start you on your own to great spinal care!

1. Follow the schedule of chiropractic appointments.
2. Avoid physical and mental stress before and after each adjustment.
3. Follow “faithfully” all recommendations of home care, these may include such things as ice, heat, lifting instructions, stretches.
4. Sleep on your back or your side with your neck supported in a neutral position. Never sleep on your stomach.
5. Sit straight while in a chair making sure the lower back is supported. Never cross your legs, except at the ankles.
6. Lift properly. Bend at the knees while keeping the back straight.
7. Ask questions that you may have about your health or wellness.
8. Please let us know if there is a change in your condition, for better or worse, tell us.


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